9.30                 Welcome and Registration

10.00               Keynote Speech – Elizabeth Ashford (St Andrews)

11.00               Tea and Coffee

11.15               Session 1: Responsibility within Structures

  • Chair: Avia Pasternak
  • Janelle Poetzsch (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum), “Sweatshop Labour, Structural Injustice and the Role of Corporations”
  • Melanie Brazzell (Humboldt University Berlin) “Positioning Ourselves Intersectionally: Reading Iris Marion Young on Shared Responsibility for Oppression”
  • Kristian Hoyer Toft (Aalborg University), “Liberal CSR and New Marxist Challenges”

12.45               Lunch

13.45               Session 2: Consumer Responsibility

  • Chair: Saladin Meckled-Garcia 
  • Sabine Hohl (Centre for Ethics, Zurich University), “Contribution-based Consumer Responsibility”
  • Jan Willem Wieland (VU University Amsterdam), “Do You Care Enough?”
  • Nina Van Heeswijk (University of Gothenburg), “Global Justice, Special Relations and the Global Economy”

15.15               Tea and Coffee

15.30               Session 3: Collective Responsibility

  • Chair: Emily McTernan
  • Sara Chant (University of Missouri), “Collective Moral Responsibility and Collective Free Action”
  • James Dempsey (University of Warwick), “Moral Responsibility and Business Culture”
  • Dimitris Efthymiou (University of Southampton), “State Responsibility in the EU: A Normative Account”

17.00               Break


17.30- 19.00                Panel Discussion: “Responsible Conduct in the Global Economy: what is it and how do we get there?”

[Please note the change of venue for the panel discussion – Archaeology Lecture Theatre (31-34 Gordon Square, Room G6)]


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